Episode C4: The Cross of St Antoine


Production number: #94304
Original US airdate: 17th October, 1994
Written by: Morrie Ruvinsky
Directed by: Mario Azzopardi
Guest cast: Elizabeth Gracen (Amanda), David Longworth (Priest), Brion James (Armand Thorne); David Hauka (Martin Blinder), Jason Gray-Stanford (Jonah), Lloyd Berry (Billows), Gerry Rousseau (Rafe), Willow Johnson (Miss Welsley), Charles Andre (Bellam), JB Bivens (George)

Ain't life hard when you're a Watcher? No sooner has Dawson got himself a beautiful girlfriend who revolutionises his outlook on life when she gets murdered. In front of his eyes. While investigating her death further, Duncan finds an ancient gold cross on display in the Thorne Museum of Antiquities, the very same cross that had been stolen out from under his protection nearly two hundred years before. What's more, when he sees the mysterious Armand Thorne, Mac realises that this is no art collector - at least he wasn't when they first met all those years ago...


1817, Montana, USA: Duncan meets the Immortal trapper Durgan, who steals the Cross of St Antoine from under his nose.

Other Immortals

John Durgan
Armand Thorne

Interesting facts

+ Brion James, who starred in Blade Runner and was well known from a large number of movie and TV roles, sadly died in August 1999. Find out more about him at his official Web site.


Duncan's first recorded American adventure is a solid background to an entertaining story from start to finish - proof that Highlander's star was firmly in the ascendancy by its third season. A-

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