Episode C5: Rite of Passage


Production number: #94305
Original US airdate: 24th October, 1994
Written by: Karen Harris
Directed by: Mario Azzopardi
Guest cast: Rob Stewart (Axel Whittaker), Gabrielle Miller (Michelle Webster), Alan Scarfe (Craig Webster), Elizabeth Gracen (Amanda); Marie Stillin (Nancy Webster), Alexa Gilmour (Sharon), Robert Iseman (Mike), Lisha Snelgrove (Singer)

For years Duncan has known that the rebellious teenage daughter of the Websters is a pre-Immortal. When she 'dies' in a car crash he finds himself comforting her grieving parents while also trying to prevent his new charge from falling into the wrong hands as she struggles to come to terms with who she is.


1896, Boston, USA: Axel Whittaker's penchant for using female Immortals as bait for the likes of Duncan is revealed.

Other Immortals

Michelle Webster
Axel Whittaker

Interesting facts

+ Michelle Webster is put under the guardianship of Amanda at the end of the episode.
+ Gabrielle Miller previously played the part of Bess in the second-season episode '
Epitaph for Tommy'. She is also a genre veteran, with guest roles in The X Files, Stargate SG-1 and Sliders among others.
+ Sharon Gilmour appeared twice on Forever Knight.


Um, Michelle Webster is a little too much of a rebellious teenager for my liking, but the episode explores some interesting concepts, not least of which is the idea of Duncan watching and nuturing pre-Immortals. B-

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