Episode C6: Courage


Production number: #94306
Original US airdate: 31st October, 1994
Written by: Nancy Heiken
Directed by: Charles Wilkinson
Guest cast: John Pyper Ferguson (Cullen), Stefan Arngrim (Unknown); Jonathan Scarfe (Kelly), Jennifer Copping (Katherine), Mark Acheson (Laszlo), Catherine Lough (Marcia), Peter Bryant (Orderly), Colleen Rennison (Robin), Marc Baur (Mike)

Brion Cullen is a shell of a man. Once he was the greatest fighter known among Immortals. But somewhere along the way he lost his nerve, and descended into a drugs and alcohol-induced madness. Can MacLeod save the friend he once knew, or is he only making a hellish situation worse?


1810, Switzerland: Travels with Cullen when they are challenged by a young man. Duncan leaves Cullen to finish off his glory-seeking opponent.
1854: San Fransisco, USA: Stumbles into Cullen in San Fransisco, where the finest swordsman in the world has become addicted to opium.

Other Immortals

Brion Cullen

Interesting facts

+ Australian John Pyper-Ferguson is yet another genre veteran, with credits stretching back to Star Trek: The Next Generation ('A Fistful of Datas') through The X-Files and Millennium to a recurring role in the ill-fated Crow: Stairway to Heaven TV series.
+ Mark Acheson had previously played the character of Billy Ray in the second-season episode '
Run for your Life'.


A fascinating story with an interesting background and a sad, but inevitable, conclusion. B+

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