Episode C7: The Lamb


Production number: #94307
Original US airdate: 7th November, 1994
Written by: JP Coiture
Directed by: Dennis Berry
Guest cast: Myles Ferguson (Kenny), Eric Keenleyside (Dallman Ross); Alf Humphreys (Frank Brody), Linden Banks (Commander), Jesse Moss (Sean), Christina Jastrzembska (Catherine)

Aw, ain't he cute? Kenny is a 10 year-old Immortal on the run after his adoptive parents were killed. When Mac and Richie take him under their wing, they don't realise the trap that's being set for them...


c1861-5, US/Confederate border, USA: Duncan discovers a young drummer boy who has just become Immortal. When he leaves him to rescue others in need, Duncan returns to find the boy has been beheaded by another Immortal.

Other Immortals

Dallman Ross
Frank Brody

Interesting facts

+ Sadly, Miles Ferguson died in a car crash in September 2000. For an unofficial site click here.
+ Eric Keenlyside later returned as Trey Franks in the fifth-season episode '


Another first-rate tale with an excellent twist. Duncan's feelings of responsibility towards Kenny are also neatly explained through thre flashback. A-

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