Episode C8: Obsession


Production number: #94308
Original US airdate: 14th November, 1994
Written by: Christian Bouveron and Lawrence Shore
Directed by: Paul Ziller
Guest cast: Cameron Bancroft (Daniel Keogh), Nancy Sorel (Jill Pelentay), Sherry Miller (Sarah Carter), Duncan Fraser (Unknown); Laura Harris (Julia Renquist), Kim Kondrashoff (Henry Carter), Nancy Sivak (Ginny), John R. Taylor (Jake)

What happens when you reveal your Immortality to your true love, but she won't accept it? In the case of David Keogh, it means terrorising her until she turns to someone who might just be able to help her. The man is Duncan MacLeod.


c1825, Philadelphia, USA: David's attempts to marry a beautiful woman are thwarted by her wealthy father, who feels the match is socially unsuitable.
1882, Pacific North West, USA: Duncan's attempts to marry Sarah are undone by the awkward fact that she's already married.

Other Immortals

David Keogh

Interesting facts

+ Cameron Bancroft had previously played the character of Robert in the second-season opener, 'The Watchers'. One of his earliest roles was in the 70s TV series The Beachcombers, which ran for an amazing 17 years from 1972 to 1989.
+ Sherry Miller played the role of Commander Sherry O'Neil in three episodes of Due South.


Another strong story, with another fully rounded Immortal. We're also treated to two separate flashback scenes too! B+

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