Production number: #96511
Original US airdate: 3rd February, 1997
Written by: David Tynan
Directed by:
Gerard Hameline
Guest cast:
Peter Wingfield (Methos), Tracy Scoggins (Cassandra), Valentine Pelka (Kronos), Richard Ridings (Silas), Marcus Testory (Caspian); Greg Michaels (Tippet), David Longworth (Paxton), Sotigui Kouyate (Hijad)

MacLeod knew him as Melvin Koren, a desperado who left a trail of death and fire across the Old West, but Cassandra remembers him as an evil far older. He is Kronos, leader of the Four Horsemen, mounted Bronze Age raiders who murdered, raped, and pillaged their way across two continents. Never was a band of Immortals more cruel or more feared. He destroyed Cassandra's people and she's been hunting him across the millenia. But Kronos has a different target now: Methos.

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Bronze Age (no specific date, unsurprisingly), somewhere in Eurasia: Discover how Cassandra gained her immortality, and take a trip through time to a typical marauders' camp with your guides the Four Horsemen.
1867, South Texas, USA: MacLeod narrowly fails to catch up with desperado Melvin Koren.

Other Immortals


Interesting facts

+ Valentine Pelka has also starred in First Knight and the mini-series Ivanhoe. Keen UK TV fans will also remember him in Mortimer's Cross, Campion (starring ex-Doctor Who Peter Davison) and Robin of Sherwood. Check out his official fan club here.
+ Rugby fanatics will remember Richard Ridings from the UK comedy flick Up and Under, which also starred Neil Morrissey and Samantha Janus. He's currently to be seen in ITV's comedy drama, Fat Friends.
+ Cassandra made her first appearance in 'Prophecy' (


In theory this should be the crowning point of season five. In practice it's good, but lacks a certain special something. Still, things are set up nicely for the second part, and Duncan leaves Seacouver for the last time in the series. B+

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