Production number: #96514
Original US airdate: 24th February, 1997
Written by: Jan Hartman
Directed by:
Richard Martin
Guest cast:
Anthony DeLongis (Otavio Consone), Carmen DuSautoy (Anna Hidalgo), Deborah Epstein (Luisa Hidalgo), Dolores Chaplin (Theresa); Claudie Arif (Duenna), Marie Vernalde (Young Anna), Arturo Venegas (Don Diego), Monique Messine (Housekeeper), Felipe Calvarro (Rafael), Elisa Tonati (Gilda), Elsa Franco (Isabella)

The Chateau LeMartin has been in Marina's family for generations, but now the slimy Carlo Capodimonte threatens to foreclose on an old loan and take the chateau for himself. Desperate to save the family heritage, Marina kidnaps an American millionaire in order to pay off the loan. Unfortunately for Marina, the rich and charming "Richard Redstone" she has tied up in the cellar is none other than Richie Ryan.

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1851, Madrid, Spain: Duncan is learning the sword art of The Mysterious Circle from Octavio Consone when the pair find themselves in love with the same woman.
1853, Madrid, Spain: Duncan returns to find Theresea, only to discover that she died in a 'tragic accident'.

Other Immortals


Interesting facts

+ Adrian Paul gets to show off his flamenco dancing skills in this episode.
+ The versatile Anthony DeLongis has many acting and coreographing credits to his name. He's also the only actor to have played two different Immortals in the show, having previously appeared as Lymion Surlow in 'Blackmail' (C10). Valentine Pelka has since emulated DeLongis, playing Kronos in Highlander, and Andre Korda (yet another 'K') in Highlander: The Raven.


The show is definitely coasting to the end of its fifth season. Consone has no redeeming features whatsoever, and it marks an unwelcome return to the moustachioed-twirling villain of early Highlander. C+

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