Production number: #96501
Original US airdate: 30th September, 1996
Written by: David Tynan
Directed by: Dennis Berry
Guest cast: Tracy Scoggins (Cassandra), Gerard Plunkett (Roland Kantos) Jeremy Beck (Young Duncan MacLeod), Matthew Walker (Ian MacLeod); Ann Hagan (Mary Macleod), Allan Clow (Neil MacGregor), Deryl Hayes (Andrew Beckmann), Tom Heaton (Old Tom), Ernie Pitts (Cop), Cluny MacPherson (Robert Macleod), Kasper Michaels (Partner)

Cassandra is an Immortal on the run. Her one-time student, who has learned the power of suggestion from her, is coming to fulfil a 400 year-old prophecy, His target? A Highland foundling, born on the Winter Solstice in 1592. You might know him better as Duncan MacLeod.

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1606, the Scottish Highlands. Where Duncan encounters Cassandra, the Witch of Donan Woods, and she rescues him from Roland Kantos.

Other Immortals

Roland Kantos

Interesting facts

+ Tracy Scoggins has also been seen in The Colbys, Lois & Clark and most recently Babylon 5, among other series.
+ Mac and Cassandra end the episode in bed. Just thought you'd like to know.


The fifth season begins proper with another tale from Duncan's youth. Tracy Scoggins is in fine form as the 'witch' Cassandra and the ending is cleverly resolved. Just a pity Cassandra and Mac's libidos got in the way at the end. B+

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