Production number: #96502
Original US airdate: 7th October, 1996
Written by: Morrie Ruvinsky
Directed by:
Gerard Hameline
Guest Cast:
Real Andrews (Haresh Clay), Chris Humphreys (Graham Ashe), Chris Martin (Carter Wellan); Rachel Hayward (Delila), Gerry Rousseau (Raymond Fairchild), Gary Jones (Hotel Guest)

Richie returns, unsure of where he stands. The last time he saw Duncan, he nearly lost his head. In the meantime, he's been taking heads himself, but unfortunately the friend of one of those heads is now after him.

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1657, Southern Europe. Mac and Ashe are sparring, when Haresh Clay and Carter Wellan appear. Ashe and Duncan try to make for Holy Ground, but Clay catches Ashe before he can make it...

Other Immortals

Haresh Clay
Carter Wellan
Graham Ashe

Interesting facts

+ Graham Ashe once tutored Ramierez, Connor MacLeod's first mentor.
+ Real Andrews is probably best known for his role on long-running soap General Hospital, where he plays Detective Marcus Taggart.


Richie returns in style, with an episode that's fast-paced and entertaining from start to finish. B+

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