Production number: #96504
Original US airdate: 21st October, 1996
Written by: Nancy Heiken
Directed by: Gerard Hameline
Guest cast: Ian Tracey (Johnny Kelly), Marcia Strassman (Betsy Fields); Jim Crescenzo (Mr Luca), Robin Mossley (Jimmy The Weasel), Aurelio DiNunzio (Guard), Mike Kopsa (Tommy), Bob Dawson (O'Grady), Bob Wilde (Dominic Delio), Philip Heinrich (Bobby), Larry Morrison (Roadie), Mario Battista (Big Gino)

Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, Dawson's high school sweetheart Betsy walks into his. Meanwhile, MacLeod's got his hands full with Johnny K, a teenaged mobster wannabe when MacLeod knew him during Prohibition. Now, however, Johnny K is a cold-blooded assassin, and Duncan will have to tread carefully if he wants to keep his head.

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1929, New York, USA. Duncan first encounters the pre-Immortal Johnny K. By the end of the flashback he's Immortal.

Other Immortals

Johnny Kelly

Interesting facts

+ Ian Tracey is best remembered as Huckleberry Finn in that never-ending TV series of yesteryear. And he hasn't aged a day...


Pretty run-of-the-mill stuff by season-five standards, but still has flashes of brilliance. B

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