Production number: #96505
Original US airdate: 28th October, 1996
Written by: Michael O'Mahony & Sacha Reins
Directed by: Peter Ellis
Guest cast: Elizabeth Gracen (Amanda), Sandra Bernhard (Carolyn Marsh), Alistair Duncan (Terence Coventry); April Telek (Roxanne), Keith Homgren (Gerald), Stephen Sisk (Tim), Sheila Tyson (Assistant)

Duncan is perturbed to discover that he's the subject of a slushy romantic novel, Blade of the MacLeods. In pursuit of the book's author, he then discovers that he isn't the only Immortal out to discover why his life has been turned into prose, and this Immortal's really rather angry...

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1786, England: The truth of Coventry and Duncan's first meeting is revealed to be somewhat different from that portrayed in Marsh's novel.

Other Immortals

Terence Coventry

Interesting facts

+ Sandra Bernhard's most public TV role was as Nancy Bartlett in the long-running comedy Roseanne. She also appeared as herself in the series too!
+ Joe doesn't make an appearance in this episode, and it includes flashbacks to the flashback scenes in 'Homeland', if you can work that one out!


A farce from start to finish, this is a thoroughly enjoyable romp through the lighter side of Highlander. A-

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