Production number: #96507
Original US airdate: 11th November, 1996
Written by: Scott Peters
Directed by:
James Bruce
Guest cast:
Kathy Evison (Jennifer Hill), Kevin John Conway (Alec Hill), John Novak (Gerard Kragan); Lisa Butler (Genevieve), Larke Miller (Woman)

Alec Hill is dead, but his mortal wife Jennifer still believes his spirit is with her. When she comes to MacLeod to ask him to kill the man who took Alec's head, she finds herself strangely attracted to Richie. But Richie hides a secret that could change everything.

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1886, San Fransisco, USA: Duncan is helping Alec build a house for him and his mortal wife Genevieve. Immortal Gerard Kragan comes after his ex-love and kills her, leaving Alec distraught.
1888, San Fransisco, USA:
Duncan returns to discover Alec is still in the house, mourning his dead wife and swearing revenge.

Other Immortals

Alec Hill
Gerard Kragan

Interesting facts

+ Comments made by Duncan in the 1888 flashback indicate this scene takes place shortly after the flashbacks in the fourth-season episode 'Double Eagle' (D5).
+ Fans of Star Trek: The Next Generation might recognise Kevin Conway - he played Kahless the Unforgettable in the sixth-season story 'Rightful Heir'.
+ Kathy Evison made her name as Ensign Lonnie Henderson in SeaQuest DSV.


Highlander's first spooky story is an engaging drama, with Stan Kirsch in particular coming of age as Richie. B+

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