Production number: #96508
Original US airdate: 18th November, 1996
Written by: Richard Gilbert Hill
Directed by:
Rafal Zielinski
Guest cast:
Andrew Divoff (Gavriel Larca), Roger R Cross (Derek Worth), Nathaniel Deveaux (Reverend Bell); Steve Bacic (Luke), Terry Barclay (Paco), Christopher J. P. Racasa (Enrique), Kira Clavell (Coyantu)

Derek's faith in God helped save him from a violent life on the urban streets. When the young gospel singer is killed in a drive-by shooting, he awakens in the arms of God and is given the gift of eternal life. But what's he to do when that God recruits him as a warrior in the Holy War against Satan - and Satan turns out to be Duncan MacLeod?

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1830, Peru: Mac first encounters Larca when exploring in Peru. Larca has set himself up as a god of an Indian tribe and intends Mac to be his next sacrifice.

Other Immortals

Gavriel Larca
Derek Worth

Interesting facts

+ Andrew Divoff previously appeared as the mortal Bryan Slade in season one's 'Bad Day in Building A'.
+ According to notes made by the Watchers, Larca hails from 15th Century Portugal, was a lawyer, then a pirate by 1510 and finally disappeared in Peru in 1526.
+ Joe also reveals many other interesting things about the Watchers, including the fact that Duncan was 'watched' by a man named Rodney Fergus, who fought alongside him at Waterloo and later sailed to the New World with him.
+ Carl Robinson (from '
Run for Your Life' and 'Manhunt') becomes Derek's teacher at the end of the episode.


One of my all-time favourite episodes, this is the perfect tale of what happens when an Immortal abuses his power. Joe's insights into the Watchers are also fascinating. A

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