Production number: #97610
Original US airdate: 9th February, 1998
Written by: James Thorpe
Directed by: Richard Martin
Guest cast: Steven O'Shea (Bartholemew), Jack Ellis (Nick), Claudia Christian (Katherine); Olivier Picasso (Checco), Mike Sarne (Baron), Boris Anderssen (Mr. Faith), Veronique Baylaucq (Secretary), Rowena Cooper (Berta Symes), Patrick Rameau (Bertrand), Norman Chaucer (Caruso)

Katherine has been tracking Immortal Bartholemew for centuries - sickened by his ability to profit from war and suffering. Now she's tracked him to Paris, and the scene is set for a final confrontation... Assuming her mortal husband doesn't get in the way first.


1270, Yorkshire, England: Katherine is a healer in her local village. She confronts Immortal Bartholemew over his high taxes used to fund his crusades, and is shot and killed for her trouble. When she revives, she discovers the village burned and its inhabitants murdered.

Other Immortals


Interesting facts

+ This is the first of two episodes that Duncan makes no appearance in whatsoever. In fact, none of the 'regular' cast appear.
+ Katherine claims to have posed for the Karma Sutra. Makes for quite a pick-up line.


In its favour, Katherine is a potentially interesting character. Against it is poor acting, little or no relevance to the Highlander series and the feeling you're being cheated because it's actually a fifth female Immortal being showcased. C

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