Production number: #97611
Original US airdate: 27th April, 1998
Written by: James Thorpe
Directed by: David Berry
Guest cast: Benedick Blythe (Morgan Walker), Louise Taylor (Amy Dawson); David Saracino (Beck), Kenan Raven (Stein), Paulette Williams (Charlotte), Paris Jefferson (Toni), Deborah Steele (Marisa), Marc Andreoni (Sailor)

Methos and Joe Dawson are thrown together when past indiscretions threaten the present. Morgan Walker has hunted Methos for two hundred years. He's not about to let a mere mortal get in his way... especially if the mortal is a Watcher.

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1808, Louisiana, USA: Morgan Walker, captain of a ship, discovers his slave/mistress has slept with Methos, and kills her as a result. He challenges Methos, but Methos runs away instead of fighting him.

Other Immortals

Morgan Walker

Interesting facts

+ Duncan's absence is explained by the fact that he is in London attending a concert by Claudia Jardine (D11, Timeless).
+ According to official Watcher history, the Watchers were created around 2,000BC when Ammaletu the Akkadian saw Gilgamesh come back to life. This also explains Gilgamesh's recuperative powers as making him Immortal.
+ Morgan Walker played Count Otto Von Munchweiller in an episode of The New Statesman, opposite Rik Mayall.


After an unpromising start, this Methos/Joe vehicle picks up pace and rattles on to a barn-storming finish. So why didn't Methos get his own series, then? B+

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