Production number: #97612
Original US airdate: 4th May, 1998
Written by: David Tynan
Directed by: Richard Martin
Guest cast: Roger Daltrey (Hugh Fitzcairn), Martin McDougall (Liam O'Rourke), Peter Hudson (James Horton); Theirry Langerak (Allan), Alexandre Zambeaux (Terry), Kathleen McGoldrick (Tara), Olivier Vitran (Tom)

Amanda's in town briefly, but when she's kidnapped by a revenge-hungry Liam O'Rourke, Duncan decides to give in meekly rather than keep on fighting. Could this truly be the end of the Highlander?


1946, London, England: Duncan witnesses Liam O'Rourke's bomb blast in a London pub, and gets him arrested along with his mortal wife.

Other Immortals

Hugh Fitzcairn
Liam O'Rourke

Interesting facts

+ This is the first part of the two-part story that finishes Highlander: The Series.
+ 'To Be' shows us what happens to Amanda and Joe had Duncan never been born (while Fitz also reveals that he would have died in 1720 after being caught trying to blow up Parliament if Duncan hadn't have been there).


Great concept - whoever thought of remaking It's A Wonderful Life deserves a pat on the back. This first part is a little slow to get going, though, which is why is doesn't quite score as highly as it could. B+

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