Production number: #97602
Original US airdate: 6th October, 1997
Written by: Tony DiFranco
Directed by: Richard Martin
Guest cast: Peter Hudson (Ahriman/Horton), Dudley Sutton (Father Beaufort), Valentine Pelka (Ahriman/Kronos), Terence Beesley (Jackie Beaufort), Jean-Yves Thal (Ahriman)

It's showdown time between Ahriman and the Champion, Duncan MacLeod. With the help of Father Beaufort and Joe Dawson, MacLeod begins to find a crack in Evil's armor. But they soon learn that anyone who helps the Champion becomes fair game for the demon. Joe is torn by guilt as Watchers - friends - are murdered by Ahriman, while Father Beaufort has his own inner demons to contend with. Not even Holy Ground is sanctuary, as MacLeod wrestles with Ahriman in the final battle... Armageddon.

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Other Immortals


Interesting facts

+ Dudley Sutton is probably best known for his role as Tinker Dill in Lovejoy.
+ This is the final part of the 'Archangel' trilogy.


Things pick up a little, but only just. Then again, what do you expect when you ignore two of Highlander's strengths (flashbacks and other Immortals). C+

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