Production number: #97604
Original US airdate: 20th October, 1997
Written by: James Thorpe
Directed by: Richard Martin
Guest cast: Jasper Britton (Willie Kingsley), Anita Dobson (Molly Ivers), Ed Bishop (Edward Banner), Alexis Denisof (Steve Banner); Paula Jane Ulrich (Young Molly Ivers), Paul Bandey (Swinson), Malcolm Rennie (Smythe), Edward Hamilton-Clarke (US Investigative Service Guard), Martin Jaubert (The Butler)

Embezzler, charmer, con man extraordinaire, Willie Kingsley has a knack for turning up dead - and profiting from it handsomely. But when one last con goes wrong, his mortal wife pays for the scheme with her life. Willie turns to Duncan MacLeod to help him track down her killer, but while Mac is torn between justice and an old friend, Willie is simply after revenge.

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1969, London: We see how Willie has made his money for the last 30-odd years.
1836, London:
Duncan witnesses Willie's 'death' after he has embezzled £100,000 from a business partner.

Other Immortals

Willie Kingsley

Interesting facts

+ Ed Bishop is fondly remembered as a stalwart of ITC's 60s children shows, in particular Captain Scarlet (as the voice of Captain Blue), and UFO, as Commander Ed Straker.
+ Alexis Denisof, who once dated the Fast Show's Caroline Aherne, has gone on to bigger and better things as the disgraced Watcher Wesley Wyndham-Price in Buffy: The Vampire Slayer and Angel.
+ Anita Dobson is best known for her role as barmaid Angie Watts in Eastenders. She is married to Brian May (of Queen fame, doubling the Highlander connection).


Nice idea, but lacking something in the execution, like much of season six. It must be noted that the only regular in this - and indeed most of the other episodes this season - is Duncan himself. C+

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