Production number: #97606
Original US airdate: 3rd November, 1997
Written by: Morrie Ruvinsky
Directed by: Richard Martin
Guest cast: Andrew Bicknell (Marek), Rochelle Redfield (Margo), Alexi Kaye Campbell (Dice), Luke D'Silva and Julius D'Silva (The Montoya Brothers); Adam Henderson (Shemp), Alain Creff - aka GZU (Benoit)

400 years ago, Devon Marek was a spoiled aristocrat with a passion for the hunt. His first teacher, Duncan MacLeod, forced him to give up his lands and title when he became Immortal - and Marek's never forgiven him for it. Today Marek has built his own empire - and now hunts his most dangerous prey: MacLeod.

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1634, Willoughby Estates, Scotland: Devon Marek is killed during a hunt. After 'dying' in MacLeod's arms, he is furious when Mac tries to bury him and he revives.

Other Immortals

Devon Marek

Interesting facts

+ Marek was the first pre-Immortal Mac sensed, although he only realised this after Marek was killed and he'd inadvertently buried him. Comments made by Mac at the time show that Connor had taught him about pre-Immortals.
+ Alexi Kaye Campbell is currently (as of May 2003) playing in Salman Rushdie's Midnight Children across the UK - I saw him in Bath.
+ Favourite quote:
"What you sensed was greatness." (Devon)
"What I sensed, you pompous ass, was immortality." (Duncan)


Great flashback scene, perfectly tying in with the Highlander timeline. If only the present-day scenes had been any better. C+

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