Original US release: 3rd September, 2000
Written by: Eric Bernt and Gillian Horvath & William Panzer (story), Joel Soisson (screenplay)
Directed by: Douglas Aarniokoski
Guest cast: Christophe Lambert (Connor MacLeod), Bruce Payne (Jacob Kell), Lisa Barbuscia (Kate/Faith), Donnie Yen (Jin Ke), Damon Dash (Carlos), Sheila Gish (Rachel Ellenstein); Peter Wingfield (Methos), Jim Byrnes (Joe Dawson), Beatie Edney (Heather), Adam Copeland (Lachlan), Mihnea Trusca (Villager), Ian Paul Cassidy (Cracker Bob), Oris Erhuero (Winston), Vernon Rieta (Manny), Christopher Leps (Hooded Monk), Thomas Lockyer (Matthew Hale), Douglas Aarniokoski (Kirk), John Medlen (Monk #1), June Watson (Caiolin MacLeod), Donald Douglas (Father Rainey), Liviu Timus (Executioner), Charmian May (Lady), Paul Bigley (Knave), Daniel Parker (Puffer), Jessica Mann (Rachel Ellenstein, 18 years old), Robert Hewett (Photographer), Kananu Kimiri (Faith's Assistant), Abigail Kingsbury (Rachel, 12 years old), Candace Hallinan (Rachel, 19 years old), Wendy Partridge (Colleague)

Since Connor killed Jacob Kell, inadvertently triggering his Immortality in 1555, Kell has been on a mission of revenge. He's killed most people who ever got to close to Connor, triggering Connor's disappearance in 1992. When Kell annihilates the sanctuary to which Connor and other Immortals have retreated to escape the Game, Duncan feels the deaths, and starts searching for answers, but now Kell has targeted him as the next victim...


1555, Glencoe and Glenfinnan, Scotland: Duncan's mother is burned at the stake. In his failed attempt to save her, Duncan kills Jacob Kell and Father Rieney, the pre-Immortal's foster father.
1625, Glen Fruin, Scotland: Connor and Duncan meet for the first time after Duncan revives after taking part in another clan battle.
1631, Ravenna, Italy: Connor teaches Duncan various moves to help him keep his head during The Game.
1712, Kildare, Ireland: Connor and Duncan rescue a stagecoach from bandits, and Duncan meets Kate for the first time.
1715, Ireland: Duncan and Kate are married, but on learning how to trigger Kate's latent Immortality from a reluctant Connor, Duncan stabs her to death on her wedding night, with unfortunate (if predictable) results.
1992, New York, USA: Jacob Kell continues his personal vendetta by killing Connor's long-time friend Rachel when he blows up Connor's New York apartment. Connor retreats from The Game and disappears into The Sanctuary.

Other Immortals

Connor MacLeod
Jacob Kell
Kate MacLeod/Faith
Jin Ke
Cracker Bob

Interesting facts

+ A lot has been made of Endgame's inconsistencies. Here's my take on some of them, here.
+ Duncan's meeting with Connor at the beginning of the film took place some time between the events of 'Band of Brothers', and 'The Hunters', as Duncan had come over from Paris to meet him. Of course, that assumes Endgame takes place in the year 2002 - it could have taken place at a later date, in which case it would have occurred some time in the second half of whichever season had taken place a decade before it.
+ Bruce Payne is also well known in Hollywood circles for playing the bad guy opposite Wesley Snipes in Passenger 57. His official Web site is here.
+ Lisa Barbuscia's official Web site is here, while Donnie Yen's official site is here.
+ Both Sheila Gish and Beatie Eadney reprised their roles from the original Highlander film. Both are well known on British TV - Gish starred in the UK remake of the Golden Girls entitled Brighton Belles, while Eadney is the daughter of actress Sylvia Sims.
+ Adam Copeland is better known to wrestling fans as The Edge.
+ To find out more about the film, including its gross at the box office, click here.


I thankfully missed the original cinematic release, and instead caught the extended 101-minute Producers' Cut that was released on DVD. I may be missing something here, but it was quite an enjoyable film, despite some duff scenes. The flashbacks in particular are worthy of the franchise, although maybe Jacob Kell's character is one evil Immortal with the letter 'K' too many for many people. B

At the current time, this is the last recorded adventure of Duncan MacLeod.
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