Immortal who's who


Slan Quince
Mentioned here simply because he was the first Immortal we encounter in Highlander: The Series. It is his pursuit of Duncan that forces the Highlander to return to The Game.

Slan Quince.

Xavier St Cloud
Xavier is the lounge lizard of Immortals. On the one hand he has lived a life of opulent excess down the centuries; on the other, he sees the rules of the Game as being something that binds other Immortals, while he is left free to flout them as and when he desires. I suspect even the Kurgan would have been shocked at his behaviour.
Kalas is the singing monk with a deadly secret. Duncan first encountered him in 1658 when he took refuge in a monastery run by another Immortal, Brother Paul, who used it as a base for Immortals to rest from The Game. When they returned to the real world, Kalas would follow them and take their heads - preying on their rusty technique. Duncan exposed him and Kalas was expelled. He wasn't too happy at the prospect.

Kalas (David Robb).

Kronos (Valentine Pelka).

Kronos was the leader of the legendary Four Horseman of the Apocalypse. These four Immortals terrorised Bronze Age Eurasia, and included Methos among their number. After the group drifted apart, little is known of their deeds or wherabouts - although Duncan briefly encountered Kronos under the alias of Melvin Koren in the 1872 Wild West. In 1996, Kronos set about bringing the Four Horsemen back together - their plan? Destroy the world with a deadly virus. It was at this point that the terrible truth dawned: Kronos had become little more than an Ernst Blofeld for the 90s - minus the white fluffy cat.
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Main characters
Duncan, Richie, Amanda, Methos

Hugh Fitzcairn, Connor, Darius, Carl Robinson

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