Duncan Macleod is born in the Highlands of Scotland. Discovered in the woods just outside Glenfinnan, he is adopted and raised as heir to the Macleod clan.


Duncan is lost in the woods aged 13, where he encounters the "witch" Cassandra for the first time (E2, Prophecy).



Duncan's childhood sweetheart Debra Campbell dies after she is promised to his kinsman (D1, Homeland).

Mac and Debra Campbell (Laurie Holden).


Duncan in 1625.

Duncan is cast out of his clan after his Immortality is triggered by a "fatal" wound in battle (A2, Family Tree). For two years he wanders Scotland, returning to avenge his father's death in 1624 at the hands of Kanulf the Viking (D1, Homeland).

Duncan receives his first Quickening and discovers his true identity when an Immortal hermit forces him to take his head (E18, Archangel). Later that year he meets Connor MacLeod for the first time on the battlefield of Glen Fruin in Scotland. Duncan has died for the umpteenth time in battle, not knowing who or what he is (Endgame).


Connor takes Duncan to Italy where, at Ravenna, he teaches him how to defend himself against fellow Immortals (Endgame).

Mac encounters Devon Marek, the adopted son of the Duke of Willioughby, just as the nobleman 'dies' for the first time. Not realising he has sensed a pre-Immortal Mac buries Marek who subsequently revives. Well, you live and learn (F6, Black Tower).

Duncan leaves Scotland again to travel through Europe, beginning in France and heading down towards Italy. En route he meets Amanda for the first time, who is travelling with her mentor Rebecca Horne (B19, Legacy).


Duncan encounters Fitzcairn for the first time when he unsuccessfully tries to protect the Prince of Verona's daughter from his advances. The pair hit it off and decide to learn to read together. As you do (C15, Star-crossed; A22, The Hunters).

Mac and Fitz meet for the first time.


Mac encounters the immortal Kyra in a French tavern. The pair predictably end up sharing a bed for the night (F5, Patient Number 7).


Duncan spars with Graham Ashe.

He is saved from slavery by Hamza el Kahir while in Algiers and encounters Xavier St. Cloud for the first time (C21, Finale, part one)


Macleod encounters Graham Ashe (left), an Immortal who tutored Ramiriez, and Haresh Clay, who subsequently takes Ashe's head (E3, End of Innocence).
Duncan takes sanctuary in a European monastery for a time that offers shelter to beleagured immortals. There he encounters Kalas for the first time, and has the singing monk expelled when he uncovers Kalas' little sideline in killing Immortals as soon as they leave sanctuary (C14, Song of the Executioner).

Duncan lives with Kristen Gilles in her chateau until he suspects her of murdering the artist he fell in love with (D10, Chivalry).


In France, Duncan meets Grace Chandler who is delivering a baby (A17, Saving Grace). He later returns to England in the wake of the Restoration of Charles II.

Duncan travels as an actor in a second-rate travelling show under the direction of fellow Immortal Walter Graham, who had previously nutured Shakespeare. (D11, Timeless).


Duncan is nearly burned at the stake for being a witch during the Great Plague. His Immortal friend Garrick isn't so lucky (C9, Shadows).

Duncan in 1665.


Duncan is weapon's master and military tutor to a chieftain's son in Scotland, when he encounters fellow Immortal Michel de Bourgogne, whom he presumably kills in combat (B14, Unholy Alliance part one).


Little is known about Duncan's wherabouts during the latter half of the 17th Century. It was erroneously assumed that he was in China in the 1680s, but this stems from misplacing the flashback in an early episode to 1780 rather than 1880 (A3, Road Not Taken).


Hugh Fitzcairn (Roger Daltrey).

Both Fitz and Mac are pursuing the beautiful Immortal Gina, who instead meets her future husband (yet another Immortal - the heads must have been really buzzing by this point), Robert de Valincourt (D20, Till Death).

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