Duncan's attempts to help a grocer fight the Black Hand gang ends with the grocer's death at their hands (B8, Revenge of the Sword).


Duncan returns to Europe to help the Red Cross during the Great War.

As an ambulance driver, Mac is gassed by Xavier St Cloud as the Immortal eyes up an army payroll. Duncan revives, but his friends aren't so lucky (A15, For Tomorrow We Die).

Duncan meets up with old friend Sean Burns, a psychiatrist who is treating shell-shocked soldiers (D14, Deliverance).

Mac is forced to watch the Immortal Simon Killian order his troops into a last attack on the Germans - after the orders to stand down following the ceasefire have been put into his hands. Killian is subsequently locked up 'forever' following Duncan's testimony. Not the best way to part (D7, The Colonel). The same year, Duncan is in Russia trying to protect a countess and her family from the firing squad. In the end, he is forced to promise the Immortal Drakov that he will never go after his head in return for sparing her life (B17, Warmonger).

Duncan refuses Annie Devlin's plea to join her in the Irish Revolution while in Dublin (B5, An Eye for An Eye).


Kalas loses his voice to Duncan's sword when the pair meet up for a second time in Paris - it seems these two will never be able to get along (C16, Methos). Duncan then returns to the US where he's caught up in a coal mining strike in Pennsylvania, with tragic consequences for a friend (B6, The Zone).

Michael Moore's wife is killed by evil Immortal Quenten Barnes while Mac is staying with him in Seacouver (B3, Turnabout).

As a New Year's Eve party is raided for liquor, Duncan is forced to confess to his girlfriend that he can never father children (B13, Bless This Child).


Duncan is forced to take the head of Marcus Karolus (A11, See No Evil) after the insane Immortal's latest round of serial killing comes to his attention.


Mac rescues Immortal Carl Robinson from a lynch mob (right) (B9, Run For Your Life). The same year, he's caught up in a five-state crime spree instigated by (who else?) Amanda and Immortal buddy Cory Raines (E7, Money No Object).

Duncan thwarts a lynch mob in Louisiana.

Duncan witnesses teenage mobster wannabe Johnny K become Immortal (E5, Glory Days). He then travels to North Tidworth and Fitzcairn Manor to help old friend Fitz root out who 'murdered' him (F7, Unusual Suspects).


Duncan is in a bank checking up on an 'old' deposit of his, when it's robbed by two Immortals - Richard Tarsis and his pupil Lucas Kagan. Tarsis is killed by Duncan after he kills a mortal, but Kagan is spared (C20, Reasonable Doubt).

Duncan and Amanda flee the Nazis.

Duncan travels to Berlin on behalf of British Intelligence to monitor the rise of Nazism in Germany. There he meets Ingrid Henning (E11, The Valkyrie).

Duncan helps a physicist escape the Nazis while Amanda steals plates for US dollars. He lets Amanda (left) escape in the airplane in his place (B7, The Return of Amanda).
Duncan is in Spain covering the Civil War for a newspaper along with John Kage when Kage betrays the Republican movement for money (C13, Blind Faith).

Duncan returns to the US where he encounters Benny, a two-bit hood and Immortal, plus two mafia brothers (Duncan is thoughtfully shot because one of the brothers wants his sibling's girlfriend who was dancing with Duncan) (C11, Vendetta). He also strikes up a relationship with photographer Linda Plager which fizzles out because she considers him a distraction (B2, Studies in Light).
Duncan is caught by fellow Immortal Alexis Voshin trying to smuggle Jewish refugees out of Eastern Europe (right). Voshin attempts - and obviously fails - to kill the Highlander (A9, The Sea Witch).


Duncan gets caught up in the Second World War on the side of the Allies.


Duncan in Nazi-occupied Eastern Europe.


'Dies' in London during the Blitz along with newspaper-reporter girlfriend Diane Terrin (D12, The Blitz).


A young boy Bernard witnesses Mac die and revive while he's working for the French Resistance. Bernard is also responsible for the 'killing' of Nazi Major Ernst Daimler, who won't revive for another 50 years after being thrown in the Seine (C19, Mortal Sins)


Takes part in the unsuccessful Valkyrie operation to assassinate Hitler with fellow Immortal Ingrid Henning (E11, The Valkyrie).

Is witness to a bomb explosion in London set off by fellow Immortal Liam O'Rourke in the name of Irish freedom. Duncan turns him in and O'Rourke swears revenge (F12, To Be).



Fitz finally makes good on a 230-year old bet by helping Mac (with a little assistance from Amanda) steal the Stone of Scone and return it to Scotland (E16, The Stone of Scone).

Meets up with Carl Robinson as segregation is finally declared unconstitutional by the US Supreme Court (B9, Run For Your Life).

Meets up with Coltec as the evil is beginning to consume the Hayoka - not helped by the fact that Coltec has just killed a psychotic Immortal (D13, Something Wicked).


Duncan is aware that Quenten Barnes has been 'executed' (B3, Turnabout).


Macleod encounters Cage for the second time, as the Immortal abandons a group of Cambodian refugee children to the Khamer Rouge (C13, Blind Faith).

Duncan lives the life of a playboy in Monaco, losing a lot of money to an unnamed British agent who answers to 'M' (E14, The Ransom of Richard Redstone).


Meets Tessa when he jumps onboard a tour boat where she's working as a guide (A14, For Evil's Sake).

Duncan settles down with Tessa and retires from The Game (A1, The Gathering).


Duncan confronts old nemesis Walter Reinhardt on a boat during a New Year's Eve party. After Reinhardt is knocked overboard, Duncan returns to the party just in time to see in 1989 (A10, Revenge is Sweet).


Spoilsport Immortal Slan Quince goes after Duncan's head, forcing him back into The Game. On a more positive note, Duncan meets clansman Connor for the first time in a while, too (A1, The Gathering). Sadly, it also proves to be the last time for a while, as Connor withdraws from the Game to a place called the Sanctuary after losing his old friend Rachel in an explosion caused by evil Immortal Jacob Kell (Endgame).

There Can Be Only One

Highlander: The Series chronicles Duncan MacLeod's adventures between slaying Slan Quince and finishing off Liam O'Rourke (Episode guide).


Duncan starts the 21st Century saying a last farewell to his clansman, reuniting with his estranged wife and chopping off Jacob Kell's head (Endgame).


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