Duncan MacLeod was born in 1592, and has witnessed some amazing historical events in his 400-odd years on this planet. While the events of Highlander: The Series are very much set in the present (with a few exceptions), we're shown glimpses of Duncan's past through flashbacks that are triggered by events, acquaintances or a combination of both. Over six seasons and 118 episodes a reasonably detailed picture of Duncan's past has been glimpsed - just click on the images below to jump to any particular century to find out more.


1592-1699, where we trace Duncan's early history from pre-Immortal clansman in the Highlands of Scotland to early adventures in Europe as a fledgling Immortal.


1700-99, during which Duncan is caught up in a nationalist cause and travels East in search of new adventures and friendships before returning to a Europe in upheaval.


1800-99, when Duncan travelled west to the New World, and spent much of the Victorian era in the American continent.

1900-92, the 20th Century. Duncan divides most of his time between a war-torn Europe and emerging American superpower.