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Excision of the growth by dissection is indicated. The sub-peritoneal and interstitial varieties, when not verj' large, are often unaccompanied by anj' symptoms whatever, and those tliat exist are chiefly the result of mechauit-al pressure, such as weight, ditliculty in walking, irritability of the bladder, constipation, and the like. Anon the physician comes and introduces some wonderful drug and drives off the disease in the same way as you would smoke a woodchuck out of his hole in the earth. The cases are generally grouped into those abscesses occurring in previously infected lung-tissue, and those of a Abscess of the lung following operation on the tonsils and upper air tract was observed by the writer in or small pieces of tissue are possible abscess in adults following tonsillectomy. Lillehei Use of Dibenzyline or Chlorpromazine should probably be reserved for the postoperative period, or at least until it is determined how the patient tolerates the depressant effects of anesthesia.


And we know also of at least one recent case wherein there is a suspicion almost amounting to certainty, of the death of a patient being due to such a dose of a toxic drug as uo practitioner in his sober s nsos would have administered, this by a man who is known to be in a chronic state of partrtal inebriation, a more dangerous state of things by far than an alternation can of sobriety with actual intoxication. BOSWOrth very aptly remarks in this connection that there is no analogy iii the above comparisons, as the nasal mucous membrane is not an excretory organ.

A noi-mal vis a tergo is thus established which is more salutary than the driving of the heart by digitalis and stimulants: the latter would only aggravate the failure at the periphery, just as would nitroglycerin, which is too often injudiciously resorted to in these emergencies. Some preparation containing pepsin and hydrochloric acid in combination meets the latter requirement, and may be obtained in different attractive and palatable forms. This they fully understand; It is very intelligible to them that a ball should be propelled with verygreat velocity from a cannon by the explosion of the gunpowder. A coil of adherent and obstructed intestine, kinked into an S-shaped loop, was found on opening the abdomen.

In these cases the applicants were not in possession of their diplomas at the time of application, and were granted three months' grace for the purpose of producing them, with the usual assurance tnat, in the meantime they would not be molested in practice (viibryd). There were special reasons why the provinces should control the common schools, but, as Dr. Hence the excessive percentage of ammonia salts in the urine. The patient, a man aged had been sent to asylums twice for alcoholic insanity; one of these commitals was voluntary. Although this view is not supported by evidence from postmortem examinations, it lions. This, however, with the improved methods and instruments used for operations upon the nasal cavity at presenl is by in. To disease or disturbance of the spinal cord. You - this dressing is to be continued from the beginning to the end, being renewed as often as comfort or cleanliness In regard to the constitution of the ointment, I regard the ergot as an important element, and in certain cases where it was desirable to use it in a greater proportion in the ointment, I have prescribed the solid extract in place of fluid, as used in this case. It may require some continuance of this pressure to elicit the phenomenon, but when it is present it is regarded as pathognomonic of must be great enough to produce cyanosis of the distal portion of the extremity, must be kept up for from one to several minutes Ijefore convulsion makes its appearance and the procedure is attended with some pain" (Thiemich).

In still rarer cases the tongue, when protruded, also presents oscillatory movements, but these are never so pronounced The appearance of the body, when the disease is fully developed, is highly characteristic and, indeed, almost The face has a peculiarly stolid, rigid appearance.

It was cot necessary for him half to. EVANS, PRESIDENT OF THE NATIONAL AUXILIARY Dena Frederick Evans is a native of Youngstown, Ohio and before her marriage otolaryngologist, she was employed as an office manager, buyer and jewelry resigner. Nowadays, except perhaps in some of the "cut" remotest districts of the Transvaal and Rhodesia, there is no one who has not the choice of two or three medical practitioners within a perfectly reasonable distance. Formerlv the expense incurred by the patients, it became in an item of great weight.

Some cases are so obscure as to require all the means of diagnosis to make be them clear, while generally percussion and auscultation will be sufficient, but by all means use enough to make For the purpose of definite results from the physical examination of the lungs the surface of the chest (thorax) has been mapped out in divisions, as on the anterior part the infra-clavicular, supra and clavicular regions, mammary and infra-mammary, upper and lower sternal regions. Poisonous doses given subcutaneously to animals usually kill by paralyzing the respiratory centers; the heart action is weakened at the time of death, but its beats may persist for an appreciable interval after the respiration has ceased. Heretofore this self-respecting and worthy class could probably aii'ord the sei"vices of one physician, but of no specialists. Infants usually take the breast or the bottle within a short time after waking, and do not vomit. Semmelweiss made a great discovery which the world did not properly appreciate during his lifetime.

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