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Integra - the list of articles is as follows:"On the Means of Finding the Spirochaeta Pallida, With Special Reference to the India Ink Method," (From the Laboratory of the Michael Reese Hospital),"The History and Methods of Application of Ehrlich's Dioxydiamido-arsenobenzol" (from the Royal Institute for Experimental Therapeutics), Lewis Hart"Recent Progress in the Treatment of"Syphilis and the Public," Isadore Dyer, In addition to the above, there will be four"Collective Abstracts" (critical reviews of recent literature in collective form) of the Osseous Lesions of Syphilis by the The January issue of the American Journal of Surgery is composed entirely of original contributions from the pens of the excellent papers that appear are the"Transfusion of the Blood, Its Indication and Technic," by J. Recoveries are the reimbursement exception and too often slow and tedious.

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