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) Neuritis gravidarum und grossesse compliqut'e, pendant les quatre derniers mois, hypodermiques de morphine; accouchement a terme et acquise des membres inferieurs dans ses rapports avec la Meningite suppurativa ed ascesso del cervello in donna Cristalli (G.) Un casodi malaitia di Morton di origins imitativa in donna gravida. The total amount of the Radium live Fund now The Manchester Destal Hospiiai,. It will be found to meet all We supply the gas in two sizes of cylinders, containing respectively forty and dose one hundred gallons, either pure Oxygen, for use accompany each apparatus, or will be supplied on application. He stated that the inj patient was thirty-one years of age, born and brought up in Finland; had never menstruated. , is about the right degree of heat (sq).

; the Western Commaucl, again, includes Wales and Monmouthshire, Cheshire, Shropshire, Herefordshire, Lancashire, vaccine Westmorland, and Cumberland. After two months he reported and his condition was as follows: no adenitis; no general symptoms; no history of a rash; primary lesion disappeared; Wassermann negative. Must of these are associated with congenital mental defect, and occur in families with neurotic disposition, and in which other instances of idiocy can be heard of. Modified doses are also required in this disease; ii seven grains during twenty-four hours being the maximum dose in cases of Phthisis, because of increased susceptibility of the patient to their action, the danger of producing toxic symptoms (as hemorrhage, rapid softening of tubercular deposit, etc.), and the necessity that time be allowed the various functions to recuperate simultaneously; over-stimulation, by pushing the remedy, resulting in crisis and disaster. At the present time, it will suflfice to state that the treatment of infected areas in the perineum or vaginal canal should be based on general surgical principles of cleaning the wound and providing for free drainage. Incomplete combustion is due to missing fire on account of an inferior quality of gasoline, improper mixture of air ("rich mixture") Persons may be overcome by being close to the exhaust or in any part of a garage in effects which the fumes are discharged; they may be exposed only a fraction of a minute. Dana and others to advance the view that a chronic toxemia lies at the My own reasons for this view have been frequently stated before, and need be only summarized other convenient experimental animals upon removal of the parathyroid glands are sug gestive; shivering and twitching of the voluntary muscles, rigidity, convulsions, salivation, and often a quite typical"propulsion" may several times in conjunction with myxedema, and with exophthalmic goiter, where the contiguity of the diseased thyroid might well be supposed to condition in a fair percentage of the autopsies upon of a properly prepared parathyroid extract by the mouth, or better by hypodermic administration, has been productive of remarkable attenuated benefit in a majority of the cases treated.

In view of Taylor's success with elastic traction in cases of Volkmann's contracture, the speaker decided to employ that principle common in dealing with this case. Report, supplementary report, and minority report of the departmental 11 committee appointed by the alterations therein which they deem expedient, and whether a third part should be added thereto; with copy of the minutes appointing Society of Apothecaries. On the relations of the Ontario to the Canadian Association Dr. To read any elaborate history of medicine during consecutive hours is a heavy task, but Dr. Other fits followed during nine years, affecting, according to degree, the upper part of the face, or this with the head, or the whole right side, with loss of consciousness. They are carefully (oka/merck) finished, especial care being taken to make them smooth. ) lives Raj'os Finsen, rayos Rontgen, radio. Where the boatman's voice and the raftman's song It is not mentioned whether they carried a surgeon with them in the pinnace, but it is probable there was one.

There is no nystagmus and no tremor. Side - camp Doniphan, Okla., and Camp Wheeler showed considerable increases in the number of pneumonia cases. Posti alia luce solutions a Contaedo (G. Hence suprarenal ASSISTANT in NEUROPATHOLOGY, HARVARD MEDICAL SCHOOL; We have heard a great deal, first and last, of the psychopathic hospital idea, but only a very little concerning the psychopathic hospital ideal, and yet this is of fundamental importance as determining Broadly stated, the ideal of the psychopathic hospital must pf be service: service of a particular sort, but limited in its scope only by the limits of the field of abnormal mentality, in whatever way manifested. Here we have, besides these symptoms, also paralyses or varicella slight pareses limited to corresponding areas. It is a painful fact, and food for humble reflection, that we still see solution presenting themselves at our hospitals poor women who have been under medical treatment for a considerable time without an examination being suggested to them, even although the first symptom which they mention, and their age, and the appearance which they present should at once suggest the presence of cancer.


It also acts as a mild laxative, tonic, and stimulant, to the coats of the stomach and intestines, producing slight sweating, moist and pliable skin, and thereby reducing subcutaneous the fever, controlling also the tenesmus (pain and griping) of the rectum at the time of the passage, almost if not wholly relieving this dilficultj- soon after its use is commenced. Laroche, by his peculiar method, has succeeded in extracting all the active princijiles of the quinquina, combining these found triple advantages in the use of this virus Elixir, it is a strong tonic, is easily administered, and perfectly harmless, being free from the unpleasant effects of Quinine. We have thought the absorption was hastened in many of these cases by the employment of dry heat over the lower part of the abdomen.

) Philosophical dialogues concerning the principles of natural bodies, wherein the principles of the old and new philosophy are stated, and the new demonstrated more Sturm (J.) Physica, seu generalia philosophise naturalis theoremata, e libris Aristotelis "injection" desumpta; quse passim in Academiis physicse studiosis memoriae mandanda pnescribuntur.

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